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How I Fell In Love with Coffee

How I Fell In Love with Coffee

My Story

As a kid I was always very curious why adults were so interested in this six-letter beverage. I saw coffee being served at every social function and event, with each person delicately performing their own ritual of adding sugar and milk to their steaming cup. Needless to say, at that age I didn’t really understand the fascination. I knew coffee smelled good and reasoned that if so many people were dependent on it, it must taste good, right?

Then I tried it. “Yuck! What is wrong with you people?”, I asked myself. But when I went to college, coffee met me on new terms: caffeine. As a young adult, I began drinking coffee for the energy, not the taste. Surprisingly the taste grew on me and it wasn’t as bad as my first impression. I guess acquired tastes do exist after all.

Like so many others, I had no idea what I was drinking. I didn’t know anything about different types of coffee. With time, I grew more curious and confident, branching out and trying new coffees at the shop or grocery store. I started to study the labels and develop an awareness about the coffee beans I was choosing. 

By graduation, my appreciation for coffee was dramatically changing. On occasion at restaurants, I would drink coffee that was exquisite. I knew good tasting coffee existed, but I didn’t know how good until I started to spend extra on premium coffees. The flavors and varieties were captivating, and it was at this point that I loved coffee. This transformation meant that I no longer endured coffee for its caffeine alone. Today, I enjoy both the taste and the energy. Coffee moved from a daily staple to a treat.

Social Sharing

Coffee is a very social beverage that remains societally appropriate to drink at any time. One of the propellants that drove my interest and eventual love for coffee was a desire to share what I was experiencing with others. It has remained a lot of fun to share what I have learned, as well as expose people to the world of great tasting coffee. It is satisfying to brighten someone’s day through this simple beverage.

Back to “Normal”

I don’t know about you, but I am often tired. For many people, coffee helps us get back to “normal”. Coffee is no substitute for sleep, diet, and exercise, but coffee helps smooth out the bumps in life, and compared to energy drinks and supplements, it remains one of the healthiest ways to feel more energetic.

Cool Beans

For much of my life I never thought twice about where coffee comes from – it comes from grocery stores, right? Coffee’s journey from countries around the world to your local store is fascinating. It is a real treat that we are able to have access to such a great beverage in the consistent quantities and qualities that we enjoy. Growing coffee is hard work, and there are many steps that include processing the coffee cherries, shipping the green beans, roasting and sending orders to customers.

Cup by My Side

I find that most workers rely on coffee to help them get through their work day. For me, that has always been true. When I made the switch to drinking premium coffee, it made going to work in the morning a lot better. At times I am not be able to look forward to the work, but I can look forward to the coffee. Good coffee is a powerful motivator.


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